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High Desert Martial Arts Academy World Tang Soo Do Association

Adult Instruction

People don't quit training because they grow old; they grow old because they quit training!

 The Tang Soo Do program for adults will improve your over all physical fitness and health.  It will provide an atmosphere to reduce stress.  This program will not only get you in better physical condition it will teach you new worthwhile skillsThe Tang Soo Do we teach is more old school Traditional Arts.    We would prefer to have real  students, who have earned real honest black belts in an effectual art that has not been watered down to the point of being unrecognizable,  but well grounded in the Way of the Art. We feel that if you've been willing to put in the time and effort to learn a martial art, it our responsibility to really teach you that art.  If this is what have been looking for, then this is the place for you.
Self Defense is the primary focus of Tang Soo Do.  All routine techniques are designed into the self defense training.  Using the adversary's joints for an effective release when assaults are by hand or weapon.  Understanding the nature of grab/holds chokes and joint manipulation is the most effective form of release.  Instruction is provided to control the attack and the adversary in a non-lethal  (or lethal) manner when an aggressive counter attack is not prudent.
One Step Hand Techniques   One-steps (Il Su Sik Dae Ryun) are used for self-defense in traditional Tang Soo Do styles. They are a defensive reaction to a punch thrown at the defender. While they are practiced from a traditional stance and attack, they are also useful from a practical stand point. One-step techniques are primarily designed to allow the student to combine the individual techniques they learn in class into fluid, associated movements. Their execution must be realistic to gain the full benefit of the exercise. Special emphasis should be placed on accurate targeting; appropriate definition of the block, strike, sweep, or stance; effective kiaps; suitable timing; and above all, returning to a safe and proper fighting stance when completed.
One Step Kick Techniques are similar to the above Hand Techniques with all counters being kicking techniques. They are a defensive reaction to a punch or kick thrown at the defender. While they are practiced from a traditional stance and attack, they are also useful from a practical stand point.  One-step techniques are primarily designed to allow the student to combine the individual techniques they learn in class into fluid, associated movements. Three step techniques combinations are then practiced to develop follow up devastation.
Traditional Forms  are a set series of martial movements utilizing strikes of both hands and feet in a prescribed pattern. Also known as kata in Japanese Styles and hyung in Korean styles, forms serve many valuable purposes in various styles of martial arts.  In some styles forms are used to teach new techniques for fighting, others use forms to teach pressure point attacks, others use it for scenario fighting, while others use it simply for the meditative feeling it can provide.  Each rank will have form requirements and is an excellent way to train and develop basic traditional movements , stances and develops muscle memory.
Martial Arts Weapons Training    Weapons are taught as part of the training program, after basic hand and kicking techniques are acquired. Students are invited to join the  weapons  classes.  A rotating  3 month program of  various weapons  are taught throughout the year. Weapons include long staff, short staff (escrima), baton,  nuchaku, tonfa, knifefighting , sword and gun disarms. Students are instructed in basic motion skills, forms and defensive/offensive techniques.  Adults may train in weapons at any rank. 
Sport Sparring

Sport sparring for adults in not mandatory but recommended - it allow development of timing , distance, control , movement and its fun stress relief. Its the cumulation of evading and counter drills/ attacking in a controlled environment.  Free sparring is an extremely important part of Tang Soo Do training. There are two major types suitable for Tang Soo Do schools: Dojang sparring and competition (sport) sparring. Although the techniques used in these types of sparring could be potentially dangerous and could result in a knockout or serious injury if not properly controlled, full contact sparring (kick boxing), traditionally is not included in the Tang Soo Do venue .  Adults may spar contact or no contact.

Fight Skills Training - Adults receive training in Israeli military style aggressive physical defense.  The program recycles every three months. This is a no holds barred fast paced program designed to equip students with skills that are simple, effective and learned in a short period of time.  Knife fighting and Gun disarms are covered as well as board range of multiple assault scenarios.

Fun and Games for the big kids - its not all work

Benefits of Karate for Adults

  1. Excellent workout
  2. Time for yourself
  3. Fat loss
  4. Build lean muscle
  5. Gain flexibility
  6. Get rid of most back pain
  7. Major stress relief
  8. More self confidence
  9. Easily able to handle a physical confrontation if necessary
  10. Improved self image
  11. Develop the habit of goal setting
  12. Have more energy
  13. Get better sleep
  14. Improved blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol
  15. Meet new people
  16. Learn a valuable skill
  17. Better ability to handle everyday pressures
  18. Develop a more positive attitude about everything
  19. Feel more safe
  20. Be able to protect loved ones


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