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High Desert Martial Arts Academy

 Kyo Sah Nim Glenn Olsen 909 917-3566     Kyo Sah Nim Sherry Courvoisier 760 953-8314           Kyo Sah  Bryan McIntryre             Kenpo Instructor Larry Frye (2nd Degree)

Children’s and Beginner Class A training curriculum, including traditional forms, weapons training, practical self-defense techniques, controlled sparring and more. Students develop self-confidence and self-esteem as they progressively train, test and are rank certified in the WTSDA internationally recognized ranking system. Core segments are intermingled with games that develop skills. Up to (12) classes per month, 50 minutes each class.  Ages 7 to 12

Korean Martial Art of Tang Soo DoAdult Class                                                                    A challenging and serious way to exercise self-discipline and fitness.  A formal training curriculum, including traditional forms, weapons, self defense techniques, grappling, sparring, non-striking control strategies and much more. Students train and earn rank in the World Tang Soo Do Association internationally recognized ranking system while focusing on the art of Tang Soo Do.   Up to (12) classes per month, 1  hour  class.  Ages 12 and up

Fitness Training Classes - Instructed by a certified instructor with 20+ years experience  Cardio Fitness -A low impact continuous workout to improve cardiovascular condition, timing, strength, coordination, and rhythm utilizing karate techniques to music. Yoga is designed to improve flexibility, balance, strength and overall body condition. Weight Training use low weight and high repetitions exercises for developing overall physical strength. Contact pad/bag training uses aggressive hand and foot combinations in full contact action setup in rounds interspaced with abs conditioning. Classes are 30 minutes & up to ten times per month. Every Tuesday and Thursday

Grappling Program :  Instruction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, "catch" Wrestling  and Judo-  A beginners to intermediate level program  which will involves drills to allow one to be accustomed to ground defensive and offensive skills.  Followed by takedowns into control positions.  Techniques included will be positioning, passes, counters, reversals, sweeps throws, transitions, and submissions. 

MMA Mixed Martial Arts: Instruction in stand up and ground fighting skills in preparation for amateur ring fighting. Techniques from Kickboxing, submission grappling, Muay Thai Kickboxing

Martial Arts Weapons Training    Weapons are taught as part of the traditional arts training program, after basic hand and kicking techniques are acquired. Students are invited to join the  weapons  classes.  A rotating  3 month program of  various weapons  are taught throughout the year. Weapons include long staff, short staff (escrima), baton,  nuchaku, tonfa, knifefighting , sword and gun threat disarms. Students are instructed in basic motion skills, forms and defensive/offensive techniques.  Adults may train in weapons at any rank.  Children age and skill level will determine program entry. 

Kid Safe Network - Child Danger Awareness Course

The Kid-Safe Network" is a proactive, non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of "child abuse", "molestation" and "abduction" of our children. Instruction is presented using video/verbal presentations in a non-threatening environment with some role-playing by staff, parents and students. Presentations are intermingled with obstacle course fun and teamwork drills. For more info link to www.kidsafenetwork.com

C.M.A.F. Competitors Martial Arts Federation Sparring

Sport sparring drills and training to prepare students for participation in the exciting world of open tournament competition. Students learn control, strategies, offensive and defensive techniques, cardio vascular training in a fast paced high energy class with Instructors experienced in             Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, grappling & Kenpo.

Streetwise Self-Defense short-term programs    Specialized self defense classes designed for those whom prefer short-term instructional seminars.  Instruction and practical application on a variety of personal assault scenarios.  Focus is on useable and easy to learn natural techniques. Instructional content and emphasis is separate from the normal traditional martial arts programs. Segments cover defensive actions against fighting attacks, grabbing/choking attacks, knife and gun disarms/defense.  Private and small group classes available. Excellent women's self defense program. Refresh your skills!  Check the link to self defense on the website for details

Specialized  Familiarization Classes - Instruction presented on a rotating basis throughout the year   Grappling - Basic judo, wrestling and physical control skills taught including Brazilian jujitsu techniques

Israeli combat  - Basic instruction in Israeli style of weapons disarmament and aggressive fight skills

Martial Arts familiarization classes (seminars) - instruction in various styles of martial arts for introductory purposes including, kenpo, tae kwon do, boxing, Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, kung fu

American Kenpo       "Ed Parker System of Kenpo"

Known as American Kenpo, is a comprehensive and contemporary fighting systems.  Ed Parker was considered a pioneer in the martial arts field, unafraid to make changes and enhancements to the Kenpo system, he literally disassembled, analyzed, and rebuilt Kenpo to fit today’s environment. Armed with basic principles and concepts of motion, students not only learn the “hows" of movements, but also the "whys" and "what fors".  Instructor Frye is a Police Officer with 20+ years experience in KENPO


Beginner : Curriculum is a three to four month training program. Students will learn basic military protocol in class structure, commands, as well as entry level physical and mental conditioning.  Students will receive instruction to become familiar with basic martial arts techniques.  At the completion of the Beginners program the student will be able to properly execute  techniques which will be effective against common attacks at a beginners level.  The student will also receive instruction in a wide variety of techniques involved in self defense and traditional martial arts. (Level White belt and White Stripe) Cost is 120.00 per adult and $120.00 per child student.  - A white karate uniform (acceptable to the instructors) is also required to participate. Video link (Full course payment entitles the student to a free uniform.

Beginner Level II: Curriculum is a four to six month training program. Prerequisite is successfully passing the Beginners course test* and membership in the World Tang Soo Do Association.  The student will receive instruction in a wide variety of techniques involved in self defense and traditional martial arts.  Including but not limited to grabs, chokes, punches and kicks.  The student will also begin sport sparring training and be exposed to entry level grappling. (Level Orange Belt and Orange Stripe) Cost is $240.00-$260.00 per adult and $160.00-$240.00 per child student.  Video link

Intermediate  : Curriculum is a six month training program. Prerequisite is successfully passing the Beginners Level II course test*.  The student will receive instruction in a wide variety of techniques involved in self defense and traditional martial arts. Upon completion of training student will be able to perform multiple defensive combinations against one or more attackers  The student will be exposed to defensive grappling, sport sparring and will continue to develop fight skills. The student will experience explosive personal growth at this level  (Level Green Belt and Green Stripe) Cost is $300.00 per adult and $240.00 per child student.  Video link

Intermediate Level II : Curriculum is a six month training program. Prerequisite is successfully passing the Intermediate course test*. Students will refine skills and begin to develop massive power in their techniques at this level.  Defense and sparring intuitiveness begin developing at this stage. Traditional Martial Arts techniques will also greatly improve.  Weapons training begin at this stage.  The first weapon learned will be the Staff (Bo, Bong) (Level Brown Belt and Brown Stripe) Cost is $300.00 per adult and $240.00 per child student.  Video link

Advanced : Curriculum is a six month training program. Prerequisite is successfully passing the Intermediate Level II course test*.  Students will participate in extensive sport sparring.  Self defense skills will be honed to a fine cutting edge.  Skills will include techniques judo, grappling, knife defense, staff weapon defense, traditional martial arts involving multiple kick and jumping techniques will show tremendous improvement.  This stage the student will become accomplished practitioners of the art of Tang Soo Do. (Level Red Belt and Red Stripe) Cost is $300.00 per adult and $240.00 per child student.  Video link

Black Belt : Curriculum is a one year training program. Prerequisite is successfully passing the Advanced course test*.  In a year long process the student will train hard to attain  a very rare rank.  Only one percent of all students attain Black Belt.  It requires self control, internal strength, constant training to refine ones mind and body.  Testing is performed in front of several Masters of a  nationally recognized Martial Art. Are you up to it! Not for the faint hearted.  Serious training for the serious minded.  We do not give this Rank lightly and you will have earned it on your own merits.  When it all said and done you will be a BLACK BELT!  Video Link

Monthly Tuition Rates for children and adults

Parent /Child Program    $25.00 each                          

Ages 7-14        $40.00  first child               $35.00 second child             $30.00 each additional child  (12-14) 1 hour classes per month

Ages 14  +      $40.00  first person              $35.00  second person          $30.00 each additional person (14-16)  1.5 hour classes per month

*Additional person/child refers to immediate family members.

First level pricing is based upon the age of the oldest family member joining.

Individual training is given to all new students once they commit to training at High Desert Martial Arts Academy.  Over  four introductory classes students are instructed in the protocol of the dojang (studio), history of Tang Soo Do, review of rank structure and counseled on the level of commitment needed to attain rank in the World Tang Soo Do Association. Basic principals in application of defensive and offensive physical techniques, body positioning and conditioning are all covered as students prepare to join the regular class.