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 Trial - Introductory Offers

 Want to check us out?  Take one week of classes free .  You just need to sign the physical injury wavier.  Or a one month trial program - no strings attached,  no commitments  for $40.00. (8 training days - up to 16 classes)  Contact the studio for scheduling*

 Introductory Offer for beginners $100.00    Three Months Training with one Uniform 


All gear listed in Golden Tigers Catalog at 20% discount to Studio members

Beginner : Curriculum is a three to four month training program. Students will learn basic military protocol in class structure, commands, as well as entry level physical and mental conditioning.  Students will receive instruction to become familiar with basic martial arts techniques.  At the completion of the Beginners program the student will be able to properly execute  techniques which will be effective against common attacks at a beginners level.  The student will also receive instruction in a wide variety of techniques involved in self defense and traditional martial arts. (Level White belt and White Stripe) Cost is 120.00 per adult and $120.00 per child student.  - A white karate uniform (acceptable to the instructors) is also required to participate.  (Full course payment entitles the student to a free uniform).

*  new students only for above listed discounted promotions (one time only).     Discounts are not cumulative, one discount per person.

Studio Information                    Costs associated with attending HDMAA

Enrollment fee    $25.00

Monthly Tuition                                                                     Rates: per month

Age limit


 1st Person 2nd Person 3rd Person Classes per month Family
Adult (over 14 years old) Adult Tang Soo Do/Weapons $40.00 $30.00 $15.00  14 - 16 (1 1/2 hr Classes) max $125.00
Youth (7 to 13 years old) Children's Tang Soo Do $40.00 $30.00 $15.00  10 - 12 (1 hr Classes) max $125.00
Adult only Kenpo Martial Arts $40.00       8 - 10 ($5.00 per Class)  
Adult only  Self Defense program * $199.99      2 month program only  
Adult only Self Defense /Fight skills Prgm* $250.00      3 month program-cycles**  

* Fee based program - one fee for entire program - non traditional martial arts program. ** Three month program recycles program every 90 days to reinforce training and gain greater experience and confidence in skills.

Personal safety Self Defense Class/ Course $35.00 per 2 hr class. All 8 for $199.00 ( follow link for course outline)

World Tang Soo Do Curriculum ( continuous training program) 

Rates as listed above

Promotion test fees (includes visiting examiner fees/costs, WTSDA rank registration fee, breaking boards, new belt, misc expenses)      

White Belt  through Green Belt $25.00    Brown Belt  through Red Belt   $35.00         Cho Dan Bo  $40.00
Black Belt Testing  $185.00 (official association promotion uniform and belt  add $100.00 - if desired )

Miscellaneous expenses (may or may not apply - contact the instructor):

Association Enrollment Membership $25.00 World Tang Soo Do Association (one time fee due at sign up)
Uniforms -  $20.00 - $25.00  Uniforms must be worn during class
Patches (set of 3) $10.00
Club T-shirt $12.00
Color Belt Trim $ 6.00
Color Belt Trim sewing $20.00 includes trim
Replacement Belt $ 5.00
Replacement ID Card $10.00
Sparring gear Set $50.00-75.00 approx. (Head, Hands, Feet , Shins)
Bag gloves $20.00 recommended of all adults and children above green belt participating in the contact pads/bag kickboxing
Sparring shin/foot pads $10.00 economy pads - washable - recommended for normal use during defense training
Private lessons $45.00 per session (50 mins)

Brown Belts and above may (should) obtain for their home training - staff, escrima sticks, nuchaku, and training knife and gun.

General Info

Late Payment fee $10.00 per student - all dues due before the beginning of the month.  Payments received after the 10th are subject to the late charge.  Classes attended when payment is past due does not count towards the attendance requirement of 24 classes per quarter. Students who are not on the roster provided by the City of Victorville will have limited access to classes.

Prior experience? Typically all new students should start as a beginning white belt.   Based on their growth and abilities students may be promoted to more than one rank provided all criteria are met and it is approved by two or more Instructors. Students from other styles/schools may transfer into HDMAA provided they pass the physical and written test for their rank, have proper documentation, been a member in good standing with their previous club, and training has not lapsed for greater than 6 months. Transferring students will be reviewed by regional director (or representative) and must be approved for rank.

HDMAA reserves the right to refuse to provide training to any student at any time for any reason.  Students whom are accepted into the assistant instructor program are subject to a background felony (law enforcement) check.

Weapons classes are for the Adult Tang Soo Students.  Students enrolled in the Young Gups (7-13 youth) classes are subject to instructor approval and space availability prior to entry in the weapons program.