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High Desert Martial Arts Academy

      Rank                 (for promotion to)

Minimum Training Time

Required Forms             

* Offensive & Defensive  Set      

Kick Techniques

Hand Techniques

Martial Art  Skills Requirements

White Belt     10thGup with Stripe      9th Gup

Entry                  6 weeks

                                           Sae Kye Hyung IL Bu


                           Stretch, Front Side, Round House

              Low/Center/High Inside/outside Blocks & Punches

Ground Awareness and movement Skills.                                        Forms: Kee Cho Hyungs IL, E & Sam Bu

Orange Belt    8th Gup 

with Stripe     7th Gup

3 months           

4 months

Sae Kye Hyung E Bu     

Sae Kye Hyung Sam Bu

1-5 one step          1-5 self defense     1-5 (2) step

Stretch, Front Side, Round House, Back, Basic jumping

Side blocks and punches, Reinforced block, Knife Hand defense & attacks

Judo: Common Foot and ankle sweeps 1-5                      Introductory BJJ                       Long  Staff  Basics                   Sport Sparring

Green Belt      6th Gup

with Stripe      5th Gup

6 months

9 months

Pyung Ahn Cho Dan

Pyung Ahn E Dan

6-10 (1) step             6-10 self defense        6-10 (2) step

Crescents, Knee Stepping, Hook, Sliding, hopping Spinning Back Jumping Kicks

Double Handed Blocks & Strikes

All previous with greater refinement

Long  Staff  : Beginner             Judo: Common leg sweeps and takedowns 1-5                          Judo/ BJJ/Karate Sparring      Short Stick Fighting Skills 1-5        Contact Sparring

Brown Belt     4th Gup

                                    with Stripe     3rd Gup

12 months

                             15 months

Pyung Ahn Sam Dan          

Pyung Ahn Sah Dan

11-15 (1) step         11-15 self defense

11-15 (2) steps  

Wheel, Axe          2 step jumping  

Lead leg combination kicks

Multiple Hand combinations

Long Staff Intermediate              Short Stick Flow Drills   Kickboxing sparring     BJJ/grappling Skill Set             Knife defense skills 1-5              IDF Fight Skills Beginner         Judo Hip throws

Red Belt        2nd Gup

with Stripe     1st Gup

18 months


Pyung Ahn Oh Dan    

Bassai                    Bong Hyung IL Bu


16-20 (1) step         16-20 self defense          

21-25 (1) step               21-25 self defense

Ankle Sweeps 180 degree Kicks Multiple kicks 360 kicks Multiple combo kicks

All previous with greater refinement

Bassai Cho                                Knife Defense Skills 6-10           Gun Disarm Skills 1-5                  IDF Fight Skills Intermediate  Kickboxing/Grappling Sparring  Judo Randori (sparring)              BJJ Sparring

Cho Dan Bo -Blue Belt  Black Belt Candidate

Testing by Regional mentors (Sam Dan)

24 months

Naihanchi Cho Dan

26-30 (1) step          26-30 self defense   

All previous with greater refinement

All previous with greater refinement

IDF Fight Skills Advanced Judo&Brazilian Jiujutsu: Intermediate Level Techniques

Gun Disarm Skills 6-10             Knife fighting skills

Cho Dan Black Belt

Testing by regional Masters

30 36 months

typically 1 year as Cho Dan Bo

(100 classes)

Sip Soo               Bong Hyung E Bu Mastery of all basic forms

1-30 one and two step sparring with               1-30 self defense Mastery of all basic one steps

Mastery of all basics

Mastery of all basics

Prior to BB test at Regionals students must demonstrate all previous abilities listed above to local school instructors
E Dan - Black Belt

Testing by regional Masters

2 years in rank as a Black Belt

regular attendance and participation.  Assist Instructors

(200 classes)

Naihanchi E Dan               Bong Hyung Sam  Bu Dan Gum Form  - knife Jang Gum  #1 - Sword

Jang Gum  #2 - Sword

Bong Hyung Sah  Bu



1-30 one and two step sparring with               1-30 self defense

Mastery of all basic one steps & three steps in any combinations in any scenario with takedowns & joint locks

Mastery of all basics with greater refinement 

Participation and proficiency  in weapons, grappling, and fight skills training programs.

Mastery of all basics with greater refinement  

Participation and proficiency in weapons, grappling, and fight skills training programs.

Long Staff / Sword Advanced

Judo Program

Brazilian Jiujutsu Program

Jeet Kune Do Program

Weapons Program

IDF Fight Skills Program

Testing is normally administered and graded by Instructors from other Schools within the Association.  Your Instructors will proctor the test.

Traditional Martial Arts Program

* All techniques are as shown and described in the World Tang So Do student manuals. Training significantly follows the WTSDA program. Students should contact the instructor for links to the manuals.

 Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun : Offensive & Defensive 1 Steps Techniques are pre-arranged techniques to various attacks                                                                   

Jok ki  Foot defensive and offensive techniques (five per color rank)                                                                                                                                  

Soo Ki - Hand defensive and offensive techniques (five per color rank)                                                                                                                                 

Hu Sin Sul Self Defense against grabs, holds and takedowns (five per color rank)

Total of 15 prearranged techniques per color belt

Two and Three Step techniques refer to multiple step (evasive) and or combinations of offensive and defensive actions

All ranks will have a age appropriate written and verbal test at each promotion on the history, traditions and protocol of Tang Soo Do and the World Tang Soo Do Association.  Black Belt candidates are to have a 1000 word essay on any topic relating to their martial arts experience to be delivered to the examiners on the day of their Black Belt test.

To adequately prepare the student for promotion, students must attend at least 24 classes per quarter.  Classes attended when payment is past due does not count towards the attendance requirement of 24 classes per quarter.  To be proficient in any endeavor students must practice on a regular basis.  It is expected that students come to class to learn and perfect techniques while practicing extensively at home. Students are pre-tested to evaluate the students ability to successfully pass the final rank performance test.  Students are then invited to test once it is deemed that all criteria can be met. 

Non-traditional Arts "Martial Art Skills Requirements" section will become part of High Desert Martial Arts Academy program effective 1/1/2009. The Instructors are more interested in training students to be well rounded martial artists in a variety of arts and fitness,  as opposed to a school  focused on one primary art.  Students will be required to learn more, train more and be more focused on the training and skill development than gaining color belts.  Belts cost $4.00 each, if a students goal is belts - go buy them , its a cheaper and easier.  There are a lot of Tae Kwon Do schools that will sell you belts with minimal skill development. If you can't put in the effort please don't waste our time and your money. When you leave HDMAA you will have real quality skills.  You will earn two Black Belts upon completion of our program.  One from the World Tang Soo Do Association for completion of the WTSDA program (200 plus hours) and one from HMDAA for the non-traditional Arts program by completing 200 plus hours in Weapons/JKD/Judo&BJJ/Fight Skills training.

Testing months are March, June, September, December.