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High Desert Martial Arts Academy Universal Tang Soo Do Alliance - SOS Self Defense

Fitness Training

Fitness Classes    The instructor is certified through the Aerobics Fitness Association of America (AFAA).   A fitness professional  teaching for over 20 years. HDMAA fitness segments are more comprehensive than most karate schools. High Desert Martial Arts has a large number of adult students due to her fitness teaching skills in yoga, cardio fitness, strength conditioning, stretching and proper body mechanics in training. Classes precede the adult class as a warm up into adult karate class. Private Fitness instruction arranged through various instructors
Cardio Fitness -A low impact continuous workout to improve cardiovascular condition, timing, strength, coordination, and rhythm utilizing karate techniques to music.
Yoga is designed to improve flexibility, balance, strength and overall body condition.  Stretching is an integral part in keeping the body free from injuries.  Balance and core strength is greatly improved through regular practice of yoga techniques and conditioning. Instructor with 20 plus years experience  714-357-4157  www.therapyyoga4you.com
Weight Training use low weight and high repetitions exercises for developing overall physical strength in upper and lower body.  Builds up core strength and helps develops greater punching and kicking power, allows the body to develop explosive abilities in launching kick combinations.
Circuit Training and Contact pad/bag training uses aggressive hand and foot combinations in full contact action setup in rounds interspaced with conditioning routines.  Techniques utilized are boxing combinations against focus mitts and kickboxing combinations against Muy Thai pads, and  heavy Bags.